There’s an undeniable connection between our health, our hearts and the planet.

Maybe you already know this, or you can feel it in your gut. I bet you can. We all want to be healthy. Every single one of us is compassionate. We all have a deep connection to the Earth too, it’s just maybe been forgotten.

Moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle is an incredible way to honour all of these things.

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So what is this plant based/vegan thing really all about?

I believe it’s about forming a relationship with Mother Earth that’s mutually nourishing for us, her and all Earthlings.

It’s about discovering the whole new world of food options that open up when we choose to swap “dead” foods for high-vibrational, healing plant foods. ?

This is my space to share with you as I set about to find ways to make kinder choices without sacrificing your health, the Earth OR the enjoyment of eating. I’m out to prove that #vegansdontmissout!

I hope you get as much out of this as I do.

Can’t wait to show you that going plant-based is totally NOT boring!


Keep reading if you wanna know more about me 😉

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My Story

(so far)

I was 8 years old when I found out where meat came from…

We were driving behind a truck with wooden panels all the way to the top and I so clearly remember seeing many sets of fearful eyes peering through the gaps. I wondered where they were going to look so scared.

That same week it was a rude shock for me to find out where those cows were going, when we were taken for a field trip to see behind the scenes of the meat department at Woolworths (really?). Yep, really. Carcuses, blood, bones, big mincing machines. Needless to say, there were tears.

From that day forward I swore I would never eat meat again. I was horrified and became a vegetarian on the spot.

As time passed, I lost my connection with that initial feeling of compassion that turned me vego in the first place. The conditioning of society made me almost embarrassed  to tell people I was doing it for the animals. Like, what kind of weirdo cares about the animals that are for eating? So I started to tell them I just “didn’t like the taste of meat” – that was cooler.

Throughout my twenties I had a fierce addiction to cheese. Going vegan was not even close to being on my radar. I had not much of a clue about good nutrition and was living a very toxic lifestyle that led to an array of health problems ranging from hair loss to an eating disorder.

My head was stuck in the sand.

I wasn’t listening to my body.

I was partying too hard.

And I was making myself sick.

A few years ago it suddenly hit me that it was time to make a change.

My hair was still falling out by the handful and I had daily breakouts, regular anxiety and just a general lack of enthusiasm for life. My hormones were haywire and my gut was a wreck.

I felt the need to detox. Organic green juices for breakfast, nothing but plant based foods (that meant no cheese – ugh, how was I going to give up cheeeeese?!), no partying.

Okay, I could be “good” just for a few months to clean myself out.

It wasn’t long before I started to feel different. Not just physically, but mentally as well. My cheese cravings disappeared, I lost a few stubborn kilos, my skin started to clear up and my anxiety even began to fade. My head was emerging from the sand.

So, I kept going…

I started cleansing my mind through mindfulness and meditation. I detoxed my home and self-care regime. I watched all the documentaries and read all the books I could get my hands onto. I fell in love with cooking wholesome plant based food. And through all of this, I got back in touch with nature.

Then I learnt about the destruction that animal agriculture is doing to our Earth. That while children are dying of hunger in many countries, we are growing more than enough food to feed them – but we’re feeding it to livestock instead.

My eyes began to open to the horrific world of factory farming and all the ways we abuse animals for our benefit. I began to reconnect with my inner child and the compassion I felt for animals.

So, here I am now. After studying with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn about the many different nutritional theories out there, I realised there was one common denominator in the messages of all of these theories… and that is that we should all be eating more plant foods.

It’s not just you – there’s been a massive surge in plant based or vegan ways of living in the last few years.

More and more people are becoming curious, being pulled by maybe just one of the many compelling reasons to choose plants over animal products.

I created this space for anyone who’s interested, whether you are already there or just simply curious, but mostly I created it for me. There is absolutely no judgement here.

Take what you will from it and enjoy!

Lotsa love,

Aleisha Maree xx

About Aleisha Maree Earth Chick

A few things about me… I love the moon & I’m addicted to oat milk flat whites, podcasts, audiobooks & anything on Gaia. I’m Mum to 3 girls (two small humans + a rescue greyhound), am a reformed cheese addict, & I love science and spirituality in equal amounts (in fact, I don’t believe they are at all separate). I have a goofy-ass laugh & I’m forever seeking the truth. ✌️

Going plant based is a journey.

Wherever you’re at on yours, you’re making a difference ♥

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