Behold the power of plants

doTERRA essential oils

doTERRA essential oils.

Everyone’s talking about them. Why? Because they offer us the restorative power of Mother Earth in a way we’ve never had access to before.

If you haven’t jumped on board with essential oils yet, I can give you a lotta good reasons to get some in your life today.

I recently watched a documentary that followed a group of Congo Pigmies to see how they lived. The connection those people have with the plants that surround them is phenomenal. If someone is bitten by a poisonous snake, they venture into the jungle and fetch the plant that is the antidote. No Dr. Google, just ancient knowledge and wisdom passed down through the generations.

Sometime in the last century, the rest of us have lost that close connection with the Earth and her offerings.

Instead we’ve become heavily reliant on man-made solutions. Ones that don’t often agree with our health or that of our planet.

The ancient wisdom has been largely abandoned.

Modern medicine is incredible and most certainly has its place. However, we seem to be heading down a path of excessive use of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We are seeing the highest ever rates of chronic disease and environmental devastation.

Is there a connection here? I believe so.

And I’m not alone. An awakening is underway. A realisation that we don’t have to continue down this path.

The answers lie in Mother Nature.

Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

I want to empower you with the knowledge that there are other solutions.

You don’t have to head to the chemist for every minor ailment.

You don’t have to jeopardise your health by filling your home with toxic products.

Mother Nature is here. She is ready to wrap you up in her loving arms and nourish you with her goods!

We’ve never had easier access to plant medicines than we do right now. ALSO, we’ve never had access to such pure, therapeutic quality oils as are available to us through doTERRA.

Answer a few quick questions about yourself and I’ll send you some free samples (within Australia) and information about how you can use doTERRA essential oils to improve your life.

Get doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils change how you look after yourself

Not so long ago, I had a house full of toxic chemicals for cleaning and a bathroom full of personal “care” products that I wouldn’t dare put near my mouth, but would happily lather or spray all over my body.

I also had a variety of physical and mental health issues – but absolutely no clue that the products I used could be to blame.

As with most love affairs, mine with essential oils began as a superficial one. I wanted to start making my own non-toxic products and needed something to make them smell good.

All the exotic smells that essential oils offer is what makes them so appealing.

But wait, there’s so much more…

Soon I started to understand that there was far more to these aromatic plant extracts than I had been aware of.


Medicinal? Skin-clearing? Mind-calming? Mood-boosting? Hormone-balancing? Detoxifying?

You bet. 

Would you like to learn more about how you can get the world’s best quality, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils into your life at 25% off retail?

About Essential Oils

Does it matter which brand I choose?

Do you care about the quality of the food you eat and the air you breathe?

Would you lean more towards a product that has been sourced ethically? One that’s been sourced with care for the environment over another that has not?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you – like me – would choose doTERRA essential oils. This is a company with an absolute dedication to sourcing oils of exceptional quality while protecting the Earth and doing as much good as possible for its people.


These are the main reasons I could not look past doTERRA essential oils:


“Meh, an essential oil is an essential oil” you may say. When we’re talking about breathing aromatic compounds into our bodies, applying them topically through our skin, or supporting our internal functions by ingesting them – then quality most CERTAINLY matters!

dōTERRA goes to greater lengths than any other company to unearth the purest, most potent essential oils Mother Nature offers. The oils are sourced from over 40 different countries to ensure they are distilled only from plants thriving in their native environment. This is what makes doTERRA essential oils unique. If a species is discovered to thrive even better in a place that is not its original home, then that is where they will move to source that oil.

Following bottling comes a stringent quality control process to ensure the essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

This ensures they are free from any heavy metals, contaminants or micro-organisms. As a result, doTERRA essential oils have no negative side effects from unwanted micro-materials entering our bloodstreams or airways. It goes beyond organic.

What happens when you combine this purity with sourcing from plants that are totally flourishing? You have an essential oil that is jam-packed with the aromatic chemical compounds that our bodies need. With ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that could harm us.

Each delightful aroma = a unique and powerful benefit for our body.

Pure, potent, plant-based medicines are what we have available to us through doTERRA essential oils. And they’re sourced more ethically and sustainably than any essential oil on the planet.

Watch this quick vid to learn more about dōTERRA oils:


doTERRA essential oils are sourced in such a way that is sustainably and ethically unparalleled by any other company I know of, let alone any other essential oils company. It’s called Co-Impact Sourcing, and basically it is about building lasting relationships with the communities that provide the plants for the oils we benefit so much from.

Two thirds of the 40 different countries that dōTERRA source their oils from are developing countries. A typical ‘big-dog’ company might just waltz in, purchase the land from the communities and leave them poorer than when they started. dōTERRA will never buy the land and will instead provide countless jobs and teach sustainable farming practices to those who maintain and harvest the plants. These communities are now left FAR better off than they would have been before.

So, dōTERRA is able to get their hands on the best quality oils from where they best thrive. The developing countries get a whole heap of jobs and booming communities. And we get the best quality oils on the planet that are bottled with love, kindness and philanthropic goodness! Win win win.

If an oil can’t be sourced sustainably, doTERRA won’t farm it.

Simple as that.  It’s a beautiful commitment to Mother Earth.

And… as if that isn’t enough, then comes their not-for-profit – The Healing Hands Foundation. This charity provides whatever is needed to the communities they come into contact with. They also show up anywhere in the world that they’re needed, drawing on the abundance within the company to make a real difference. We’re talking a big company with an even bigger heart and soul here.

Watch this to learn more about Co-Impact Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation:

Ready to order your divine oils?

Along with dōTERRA essential oils at 25% off the retail prices, you will get access to an abundance of resources and mentorship to kickstart your journey towards better health with the oils.

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